• “The Frontier” – a song inspired by Carl Sagan

    Rohan Sahai contributed an original composition featuring Carl Sagan’s famous musings on the Pale Blue Dot, and more.

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  • Play it again

    John Boswell, the madly brilliant sound-chemist who Auto-Tuned his way into our hearts with “A Glorious Dawn” featuring Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking, has launched the laud-worthy project “Symphony of Science” which is “designed to deliver scientific knowledge and philosophy in musical form.” You couldn’t ask for a better goal than that.— Chris Hardwick, Nerdist

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  • a Pale Blue Dot

    The Icecore Scientist put together this song and film called Pale Blue Dot. They dedicate it to ‘Carl and his wife, Ann Druyan.’

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  • StokedSkate.

    The band SAGAN just sent us a Carl Sagan inspired song to add to the Sounds of Sagan. It is called StokedSkate. SAGAN has worked on a film that has been informed by the good Doctor and Cosmos. You can read more about their film, Unseen Forces, here, and more about SAGAN there.

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  • When Carl Sagan Died, an Encore.

    I was a geology major in college, and probably would have majored in astronomy had my college offered it. I also did graduate work in planetariums, and almost made that a career, but in the end, music won out. Carl was a light in the darkness for me as he was for so many. I […]

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  • When Carl Sagan Died

    I’m writing to share with you one of the most wonderful songs I’ve ever heard. The subject of the song is Carl Sagan and it’s entitled, When Carl Sagan Died. It is written and performed by an amazing guy named Greg Tamblyn. I first heard him sing this in church one day and went and […]

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