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  • Spacecraft to Be Launched Today

    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla., Aug. 19–The Voyager spacecraft scheduled for launching tomorrow to scout Jupiter, Saturn, and possibly Uranus will be carrying a message from Earth on the off chance that extraterrestrial beings will come upon the craft centuries from now, somewhere on its endless journey beyond the solar system.

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  • Altair VI: Sagan on Mars Landing Sites

    Journalist Larry Klaes sent us this link at Altair VI, where David Portee’s wrote an excellent blog post about Sagan’s roll in determining landing sites for a Mars lander. Carl Sagan, an assistant professor of astronomy at Harvard, and Paul Swan, Senior Project Scientist at Avco Corporation, published results of their study of possible Voyager […]

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  • 30 Years, Billions of Miles

    The Voyager program turned 30 yesterday. To celebrate this greatest of human accomplishments, Celebrating Sagan has compiled this brief list of articles discussing the splendor and glory of Voyagers I and II. NASA: Voyager at 30: Looking Beyond and Within Space.com: Voyager Spacecraft Celebrate 30th Anniversary UFO.Whipnet: NASA’s Golden Gift to the Aliens: 30 Years […]

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  • From Carolyn Porco

    I remember ten years ago today very well. I was in Hawaii and received a phone call very early in the morning from a fellow colleague and friend of both mine and Sagan’s, telling me that Carl had died. We talked for a long time. It was such a shock: We had all thought he […]

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  • Honoring Carl.

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  • Carl Sagan

    The following excertp is from Dean W. Armstrong‘s look at Dr. Sagan’s roll as an astronomer at the University of Chicago. He was a student here at Chicago; he was, as the picture indicates, president of the University of Chicago Astronomical Society (now known as the Ryerson Astronomical Society). After his short stay in the college he went to the Astronomy department and left a Ph.D. I often wonder what the dismal atmosphere of […]

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  • A Young Scientist.

    This video from 1963 shows a rehearsed Sagan discussing the atmosphere of Venus.

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  • Sagan on Rose.

    Carl Sagan was a repeat guest on the Charlie Rose show. Together these two great communicators casually discussed Sagan’s life, work, and the status of science in America. Fortunately, two interviews from the last two years of Sagan’s life are available to watch on Video.Google. Or, if you prefer, you can check out the audio […]

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  • Another Sagan Patent.

    In addition to the post by Bryan H. on a patent issued to Carl Sagan, A. Bar-nun and S. Bauer on March 18, 1972, I found this one: Production of Amino Acids from Gaseous Mixtures Using Ultraviolet Light. Christopher Niebylski, The World Bank.

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  • T’is the Season!

    The Planetary Society was not only started by Dr. Sagan, but it is also a great resource of information on him and the World’s largest Space-interest group. Also, as it is the holiday season, why not make a donation to SETI in commemoration of Dr. Sagan in a loved one’s name? They are always desperate […]

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