• Beyond Belief

    Before my long holiday train ride, I took the time to download the recent Beyond Belief sessions to watch during the trip. (One of the few bonuses of riding Amtrak is outlets.) This is hardy stuff that would’ve made Carl Sagan proud – the meat and potatoes of existence. If you haven’t already, you simply […]

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  • Sagan on Rose.

    Carl Sagan was a repeat guest on the Charlie Rose show. Together these two great communicators casually discussed Sagan’s life, work, and the status of science in America. Fortunately, two interviews from the last two years of Sagan’s life are available to watch on Video.Google. Or, if you prefer, you can check out the audio […]

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  • Thoughts on Sagan

    A few years ago I was given Carl’s “A Demon Haunted World” for Christmas and it’s now one of my favorite books. As I was reading it I realized that there is still an enormous amount of superstition in the world and some of it may seem benign but it certainly doesn’t advance our understanding […]

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  • On Faith.

    When discussing Sagan it is easy to fall into the groove carved by his atheism. Many people point to him as the like-able friendly face of the belief that god does not exist. Unlike modern atheists — Dawkins, Harris, and Dennet (for a brief example please look to Wired magazine) — Sagan’s skepticism about the […]

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