• Spacecraft to Be Launched Today

    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla., Aug. 19–The Voyager spacecraft scheduled for launching tomorrow to scout Jupiter, Saturn, and possibly Uranus will be carrying a message from Earth on the off chance that extraterrestrial beings will come upon the craft centuries from now, somewhere on its endless journey beyond the solar system.

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  • "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors" released on DVD last week

    If you’re wondering why you never heard of a spinoff of Cosmos based on Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan’s book of the same name, it’s because the film in question — a 1964 Soviet film by Sergei Parajanov — was instead the source for the name of the Sagan/Druyan book! (Also, the film is not […]

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  • 30 Years, Billions of Miles

    The Voyager program turned 30 yesterday. To celebrate this greatest of human accomplishments, Celebrating Sagan has compiled this brief list of articles discussing the splendor and glory of Voyagers I and II. NASA: Voyager at 30: Looking Beyond and Within Space.com: Voyager Spacecraft Celebrate 30th Anniversary UFO.Whipnet: NASA’s Golden Gift to the Aliens: 30 Years […]

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  • New Homepage

    In our slow but dedicated pursuit to constantly improve and expand Celebrating Sagan, we have created a new homepage at www.CelebratingSagan.com. Next week we will roll out a new page for Sounds of Sagan that will include some original audio from Humanistic Joel. And as always, Celebrating Sagan encourages your input, advice, memories and content. […]

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