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  • Sagan and Reagan

    Over at the ScienceBlog Framing Science, Matthew Nisbet wrote about two men that he considers to be the top communicators of the 1980s, President Reagan and Dr. Sagan: In the years before cable television fragmented Americans into ever smaller viewership groups, both men took advantage of the broadcast television networks to communicate directly to a […]

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  • Carl Sagan on "The Tonight Show"

    I was the talent coordinator who first put Carl Sagan on “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” back in the 1970’s. A then relatively unknown scientist to the popular media, he had just written a book and I was approached by his publicist who half-heartedly suggested we consider him as a guest. Little did the […]

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  • oh Carson – Johnny Carson parodies Carl Sagan

    Comedian, late night talk show host, and amateur astronomer, Johnny Carson, parodies his friend Carl Sagan. “There’s a theory that our universe began with a giant explosion called the the Big Bang. What came after the Big Bang?” “We don’t know for sure but we think its the Big Cigarette…”

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How has the life and work of Dr. Sagan influenced or inspired you? Share your memories of Carl Sagan