• Looking Towards Winter

      “So you see. It’s the heat from the sun that keeps us warm.” “Not entirely…” “What do you mean, not entirely?!” “Mittens!” — Charles Schulz

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  • oh Carson – Johnny Carson parodies Carl Sagan

    Comedian, late night talk show host, and amateur astronomer, Johnny Carson, parodies his friend Carl Sagan. “There’s a theory that our universe began with a giant explosion called the the Big Bang. What came after the Big Bang?” “We don’t know for sure but we think its the Big Cigarette…”

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  • Far Side

    Thanks, Joel.

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  • Peanuts

    "Carl Sagan says..." by Charles Schulz

    Carl Sagan says there are a hundred billion stars in our galaxy, and there are a hundred billion galaxies, and each galaxy contains a hundred billion stars! Sort of puts things in perspective, doesn’t it Charlie Brown? — Charles Schulz

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