• A Theory of the Universe

    Sophie writes: I wrote this in 2008 with my little brother after we had read “An Index of Possibilities,” a large softcover tome which is not related to Carl in any way other than it is a map of life from cosmos to quantum. I found Carl Sagan shortly afterwards, echoing the sentiments of our thoughts.

    To end, I want to suggest that the old adage taken from John Donne’s Mediation XVII, ‘No man is an island’ could be modernised to express the idea that ‘Every man is a planet’, and that every man and woman has his or her own gravitation, orbit, weather system and sun. No man or woman exists as a section apart from the world. All is necessarily connected and responsive, interrelated and communicative. We exchange information to that which surrounds us, and that which we surround. To go further than that, it is not only true that men are planets, but according to me, Sophie Ward, I believe that ‘Every man is a universe’ and that in light of the parallels of man and universe that make up my theory, get ready for it: The multiverse is a man.

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  • Remembering Carl Sagan

    Alex Michael Bonnici at The Discovery Enterprise writes:

    Today on Discovery Enterprise we commemorate the memory of Carl Sagan who died an untimely death thirteen years ago today. Carl Sagan, was an astronomer, astrochemist, author, and highly successful popularizer of astronomy, astrophysics and other natural sciences. He pioneered exobiology and promoted the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI). For me personally he will always be remembered and revered as a great teacher who communicated the joys and transcendence of scientific discovery. Carl Sagan’s enduring legacy will always be linked to his ability to convey the wonders of science to the general public and his skill in inspiring the next generation of scientists. Carl Sagan’s name will also be forever linked to the greatest science television series in history – Cosmos.

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  • Happy Birthday Carl

    All that we have seen is something of a vast and intricate and lovely universe. There is no particular theological conclusion that comes out of an exercise such as the one we have just gone through. What is more, when we understand something of the astronomical dynamics, the evolution of worlds, we recognize that worlds […]

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  • Solstice

    Dr. Sagan on the solstice.

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  • Sagan and Reagan

    Over at the ScienceBlog Framing Science, Matthew Nisbet wrote about two men that he considers to be the top communicators of the 1980s, President Reagan and Dr. Sagan: In the years before cable television fragmented Americans into ever smaller viewership groups, both men took advantage of the broadcast television networks to communicate directly to a […]

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  • Planetary Imagery: 30 Years From Voyager Spacecraft

    Wired has a gallery of Voyager photos up today that includes some Sagan material. There are some truly wonderful shots that I had never seen before. Here’s two that include mention of Dr. Sagan: SOUNDS OF EARTH Voyager project manager John Casani displays the “Sounds of Earth” recording shortly before launch in 1977. The 12-inch […]

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  • Carl Sagan Gathering article in this week’s Ithaca Times

    Larry Klaes wrote an article about the Sagan Gathering for the Ithaca Times this week. Check it out here or just read on below. A Organizational Voyage By Larry Klaes Cornell University professor and world-renowned astronomer and scientist Carl Sagan unquestionably is one of Ithaca’s most well-known former residents, having lived in this town from […]

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  • Sagan Brigade at Ithaca Festival

    Pat recently wrote to us to ask for help in putting together a Sagan Brigade for the Ithaca Festival Parade which takes place in early June. The parade form deadline is March 17th, so if your interested in participating please email Pat ASAP at SaganGathering@yahoo.com, or help spread the word. Here’s a bit of what […]

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  • Cosmic Calendar

    In response to the Cosmic Clock post, Larry Klaes wrote to remind of us of Carl’s Cosmic Calendar:

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  • Beyond Belief

    Before my long holiday train ride, I took the time to download the recent Beyond Belief sessions to watch during the trip. (One of the few bonuses of riding Amtrak is outlets.) This is hardy stuff that would’ve made Carl Sagan proud – the meat and potatoes of existence. If you haven’t already, you simply […]

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