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    We’ve been getting lots of emails linking to people’s blog-a-thon posts, and it’s hard to choose excerpts, so here’s a small collection of links we’ve received: On MySpace, from Lisa.Random Precision, In Portugal from Luis.The Bretorium in Massassachusetts.Larry Klaes’ Ithaca Times article.Anonymous Dave’s blog-a-thon post.Kevin Jung’s humble attempt at memorial.Bret at bretorium.com.

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  • Blog-a-thon Post

    river2sea72 writes:I have huge respect and admiration for popularizers of science, and Carl Sagan was one of the premier examples of such a person. Although they risk their reputations immenseley by reaching out to the public and taking on controversial issues, they inspire unknown multitudes of children to pursue careers in science or at least […]

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  • A Love Affair & A Thank You

    Well, today is the day. Not only does today mark the tenth anniversary of Carl Sagan’s passing and the beginning of a new moon, it is the day that a certain someone returns from overseas and into my arms. Dr. Sagan is partly responsible for this lasting love affair of mine, and after thinking all […]

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  • Falling Hard for Sagan.

    Lauren at Liquid Logic sent us a link to her blog-a-thon entry, and we just couldn’t help but excerpting this passage: I remember liking him and finding his stuff cool. But it was later in life, in my late twenties, in fact, that I fell hard for the guy. I’m not sure if it was […]

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