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  • Doctor Tony Prescribes a Healthy Dose of Idealism and Carl Sagan

    Frustrated the modern cultural fixation on cynicism? So is Tony. That is why he’s glad that he’s found Carl Sagan. Check out this post he wrote for his blog, Your Daily Dose of Vitamin T.

    I get so tired of cynicism, even in myself. It’s so easy to say that we’re going to, as a species, kill ourselves off, destroy the world, all of that, and I’ll admit that I subscribe to that view myself sometimes when I run into the truly stupid members of our species. That’s why, when I discovered Carl Sagan, a man who was absolutely brilliant and so obviously hopeful for us… it warmed the baseball-glove-sized radiator that I use for a heart.

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  • Announcing the second annual Carl Sagan memorial blog-a-thon

    Later this month, on December 20, 2007, we will reach the eleventh anniversary of Carl Sagan’s passing — and the first anniversary of the wildly successful first-ever Carl Sagan Memorial Blog-a-Thon. Far exceeding my wildest expectations, this became a truly worldwide celebration, with more than 250 posts in 11 languages. And for those who like […]

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  • Planet Walk.

    Journalist Larry Kales wrote in with this link to a great Sagan-Blog-a-Thon post featuring Dr. Sagan’s Planet Walk in Ithaca. The entry was posted by Stephen Frug and appears on his blog, Attempts. Aside from a detailed description and excellent photographs, Frug also links to the podcast audio tour, written by Sagan, and voiced by […]

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  • Three Bedrooms – A Tribute to Carl Sagan

    Scott Thompson emailed us the link to his blog-a-thon post, which is a worthwhile read. Here’s a excerpt: When I was a young teen in 1980 there were three televisions in the house: One was in the small family room, and was typically shared by my parents. Another was in their bedroom – used primarily […]

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  • Carl Sagan, gone for "ten trips around the Sun"

    Tom Moore emailed us with the link to his blog-a-thon post. Here it is in full: Carl Sagan was one of the strongest and most enduring influences on my choice to pursue teaching and then science. His view of humans as “a way for the universe to know itself” echoed and extended themes I’d read […]

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  • Govar from India.

    Hi, This is Govar from India. Just came to know about the Celebrating Sagan blogathon from Boing Boing and I couldn’t wait to put a post on the subject. Carl Sagan has, and is, in more ways than one, has given a new meaning to my existence. He’s made me more mature, and yet very […]

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  • More Blog-a-thon Posts

    Sorry it took so long to get these up, it’s been a busy day and blogger has been giving us some trouble. Here’s another list of blog-a-thon posts that were sent our way: Chris McCoy aka El Destructo has a Sagan quote of the day at Memphilter. John Newman at campuscodger. Phil says Carl Sagan […]

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  • Blog-a-thon Post Style

    Joel Achenbach has blog-a-thon post in his Washington Post blog today. Check it out, it also links to a post he did on Sagan earlier this year. Here’s what he posted today – his Style Section excerpt from December ’96. Carl Sagan warmed the universe. His cosmos was not cold and dark and impenetrable. He […]

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  • Little Atoms Radio Show

    We produce a radio show in the UK called Little Atoms. We have a special edition commemorating Carl Sagan this Friday 22nd December. This is the listing for the show: “The 20th December 2006 marks the tenth anniversary of the death of the astronomer, astrobiologist and populariser of science Carl Sagan. This program will explore […]

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  • Missing Carl Sagan

    Bonnie-Ann Black writes: I realized back in august, just before attending WorldCon, that Carl Sagan had been gone an incredible 10 years. I did several art pieces to sell at the convention, some of them prints, and they did sell fairly well. In tribute to the man and his work, I’m participating in the blog-a-thon […]

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