• Carl Sagan and the Beginning of History

    Our pale blue dot has circled its star eighteen times since it lost the astronomer who gave us the perspective to see it that way — and that phrase. Carl Sagan is not usually remembered as a political prophet, aside from pioneering recognition of the dangers of nuclear war and remaining an inspiration to opponents of drug criminalization. But his […]

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  • Across the Universe

    Thomas Mallon has an article in the most recent issue of The Atlantic about solar sailing and The Planetary Society. In the article he interviews Ann Druyan and Louis Friedman. As friends of Carl Sagan you all are probably familiar with the concept solar sailing, but for those that don’t know, here is an excerpt […]

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  • Sagan and the Dalai Lama, a Retrospective.

    Thanks again go to Larry Klaes for bringing this to our attention. Religion and science do not have to be at odds. Science, said Ann Druyan, widow of Cornell astronomer Carl Sagan, can communicate with, learn from and even benefit from religion and vice versa. Druyan, a writer and media producer who collaborated with Sagan […]

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  • Planetary Imagery: 30 Years From Voyager Spacecraft

    Wired has a gallery of Voyager photos up today that includes some Sagan material. There are some truly wonderful shots that I had never seen before. Here’s two that include mention of Dr. Sagan: SOUNDS OF EARTH Voyager project manager John Casani displays the “Sounds of Earth” recording shortly before launch in 1977. The 12-inch […]

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  • The Mix Tape of the Gods.

    Joel passed along an excellent Op-ed from today’s New York Times about the 30th Anniversary of the Voyager program, and what the Gold Records mean. Excerpt, from “The Mix Tape of the Gods,” by Timothy Ferris, dated September 5th, 2007, The New York Times. Forty thousand years will elapse before Voyager 1, departing the realm […]

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  • Carl Sagan Gathering article in this week’s Ithaca Times

    Larry Klaes wrote an article about the Sagan Gathering for the Ithaca Times this week. Check it out here or just read on below. A Organizational Voyage By Larry Klaes Cornell University professor and world-renowned astronomer and scientist Carl Sagan unquestionably is one of Ithaca’s most well-known former residents, having lived in this town from […]

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