• Calling all crafty-types

    Hello fans of Carl Sagan. I’m working on post about Sagan related arts / crafts and I’d like your help. If you or anyone you know makes Sagan related things, please fill out this form and let me know. Thanks. Bryan.

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  • Welcome to the New Celebrating Sagan

    Thanks for visiting the new Celebrating Sagan.

    Take a minute to look around. You’ll notice that a lot of things remain the same, but you’ll also notice some new elements. It should now be easier to find content, comment and submit your own memories of Dr. Sagan.

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  • A Call for Memories

    Three years ago, Celebrating Sagan launched to coincide with the ten year anniversary of Carl Sagan’s death. The purpose of the site is to celebrate the life and work of Dr. Carl Sagan by sharing how the man’s work and vision impacted all of us.

    As we near the 13th anniversary, I’m remind that door is still open, and that we are still accepting submissions.

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  • New Horizons

    Celebrating Sagan is now on Twitter. Follow us here for more Sagan related news.

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  • August 20, 1977

    Voyager 2 launched 32 years ago today, and to celebrate, we’re going to publish a few Voyager related posts. Stay tuned.

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  • Help Celebrating Sagan Grow

    A lot has changed since David and I started Celebrating Sagan in December of 2006. And while we’ve both moved on to other projects and different things, I’ve never been happy with how we left website. I especially always felt that it could and should be more. Thanks to the help of Joel the site […]

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  • Thank You, After 100.

    David and I originally planned to collaborate on an article or two, perhaps a short audio documentary, to celebrate the life and impact of Carl Sagan. We hoped that we could shop our work around and at best get it published. Needless to say, like so many things, the project fell to the wayside. As […]

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How has the life and work of Dr. Sagan influenced or inspired you? Share your memories of Carl Sagan