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  • Happy Birthday Carl

    All that we have seen is something of a vast and intricate and lovely universe. There is no particular theological conclusion that comes out of an exercise such as the one we have just gone through. What is more, when we understand something of the astronomical dynamics, the evolution of worlds, we recognize that worlds […]

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  • Solstice

    Dr. Sagan on the solstice.

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  • Sagan and the Dalai Lama, a Retrospective.

    Thanks again go to Larry Klaes for bringing this to our attention. Religion and science do not have to be at odds. Science, said Ann Druyan, widow of Cornell astronomer Carl Sagan, can communicate with, learn from and even benefit from religion and vice versa. Druyan, a writer and media producer who collaborated with Sagan […]

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  • The Cosmic Clock

    Hello fellow Saganites, On this Carl Sagan commemoration day let me direct you to another wonderful web page entitled “The Cosmic Clock” part of the equally fantastic CosmicVoyage : Tribute to Carl Sagan and Cosmos. The Cosmic Clock will help you to explore the birth and development of our cosmos. Spanning some 15 billion years, […]

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  • Little Atoms Radio Show

    We produce a radio show in the UK called Little Atoms. We have a special edition commemorating Carl Sagan this Friday 22nd December. This is the listing for the show: “The 20th December 2006 marks the tenth anniversary of the death of the astronomer, astrobiologist and populariser of science Carl Sagan. This program will explore […]

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  • A Young Scientist.

    This video from 1963 shows a rehearsed Sagan discussing the atmosphere of Venus.

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  • Sagan on Rose.

    Carl Sagan was a repeat guest on the Charlie Rose show. Together these two great communicators casually discussed Sagan’s life, work, and the status of science in America. Fortunately, two interviews from the last two years of Sagan’s life are available to watch on Video.Google. Or, if you prefer, you can check out the audio […]

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  • Sagan on Science Friday.

    Carl Sagan was also an occasional guest on Talk of the Nation’s Science Friday. It was on this NPR program that I first came across the good Doctor, and it certainly had an obvious and lasting impact on me as an eighth grader. I have added an excerpt from the May 5 (3), 1996 interview […]

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  • Getting Biographical, Part 1.

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  • On Faith.

    When discussing Sagan it is easy to fall into the groove carved by his atheism. Many people point to him as the like-able friendly face of the belief that god does not exist. Unlike modern atheists — Dawkins, Harris, and Dennet (for a brief example please look to Wired magazine) — Sagan’s skepticism about the […]

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