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  • Sagan book club follow up

    Well, due to a problem with the email software, an old email from the Sagan Appreciation Society that contained a plug for last December’s SHSNY Book Club for Lynn Margulis and Dorion Sagan’s Acquiring Genomes was sent out just a few days ago; since the next book club meeting in the series, devoted to Michael Specter’s Denialism, […]

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  • Nick’s Memories

    Nick Sagan wrote an outstanding post during the Blog-a-thon. From Carl’s dictaphone habits to his distate for Beavis & Butthead and the movie Aliens, Nick lets us in on a little secret; his father was, it’s true, a human being.

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  • 10 orbits on…

    We’ve been 10 times around the sun without him. Have you ever noticed that there are just some people who seemed to be especially “changed” by Carl Sagan? Those who go so “ga-ga” over him, that even ten years after his death, they still blog, gush, and talk nearly incessantly about him? And these are […]

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  • From Ann.

    Celebrating Sagan thanks Ann Druyan who wrote to share her appreciation for our memories-made-public. She also included a link to the China Youth Daily, a Chinese national paper. The article is called, ‘Carl Sagan’s Legacy.’ On behalf of the readers, Ann, we thank you for cultivating the flame.

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