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  • Pale Blue Dot: The Only Home We’ve Ever Known

    By Kevin Tracey In 1939, a four-year old boy would travel from his family apartment in Brooklyn to the World’s Fair in Queens. One day, he would help take us all to the stars. Perhaps as a boy, contemplating a time capsule buried at the World’s Fair in the shadow of Manhattan, he first got […]

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  • Everyone You Ever Heard Of…

    Pale Blue Dot

    ORDER, a 2D/3D animation and digital production studio, created this Pale Blue Dot tribute to Carl Sagan using, “After Effects with extensive sound work created to sit alongside the music from ‘Cosmos’ and the spoken word from Sagan.” Follow ORDER on Twitter and visit them at their website. You can also watch “Everyone You Ever Heard […]

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  • Earth

    This telling of the Pale Blue Dot includes was produced by Michael Marantz. He shot, edited, and composed the music for “Earth.” You can view Marantz’s other video work, buy his music, and follow him on Twitter.

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    Carl Sagan Series III - reassuring fable reedited (繁體中文字幕)

    Compiled by Patrick Mylund Nielsen. This video a song by Ludovico Einaudi called “The Earth Prelude.” The video also includes clips from HottiesInc, and film “Contact.”

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