Help Celebrating Sagan Grow

A lot has changed since David and I started Celebrating Sagan in December of 2006. And while we’ve both moved on to other projects and different things, I’ve never been happy with how we left website. I especially always felt that it could and should be more.

Thanks to the help of Joel the site has been slowly coasting through the years accumulating a few a posts and a few comments here and there. Getting by but not really making any progress.

I’ve decided that with the 75th anniversary of Sagan’s birth looming on the horizon, now might be a great time to reach out to the Celebrating Sagan community and see if we can elevate the site into a place where we — in addition to celebrating the life of Carl Sagan through our memories — celebrate the good doctor through new creative works, interpretations of his writings, or updates on his ideas. More than just a slow cascade of post cards, I believe that this can become a living and breathing testament to one man’s passion and enthusiasm for life.

I know that time and resources are scarce for most… myself included. That is why I created this short survey. Please take a moment to provide some feedback. Your ideas help inform how Celebrating Sagan grows in coming years.

Thank you.