Café de Sagan

While strolling along The Philosopher’s Path (left) from Ginkaku-ji in northeast Kyoto this summer, my fiancé and I passed this little coffee shop, Café de Sagan. Of course we were drawn to the name, but it’s location on a beautiful stone path that borders a canal known as the Walk of Philosophy made its appearance serendipitous indeed. We stopped in for tea and coffee. Inside ambient music reminiscent of the Cosmos soundtrack drifted toward the front from speakers in back, no kidding. We asked the woman serving us about the name, and with her limited English and my fiancé’s limited Japanese we gathered that the two characters (seen below) are pronounced say-gun, roughly translating as “We hope you come again.” A chance discovery with some karmic undertones. A lovely spot. And good, strong coffee. Been meaning to share.