Sagan Brigade at Ithaca Festival

Pat recently wrote to us to ask for help in putting together a Sagan Brigade for the Ithaca Festival Parade which takes place in early June. The parade form deadline is March 17th, so if your interested in participating please email Pat ASAP at, or help spread the word. Here’s a bit of what Pat has in mind:

It would be an opportunity for an uninhibited Sagan fellowship, a celebration of the man in the small city he called home. It would be a good opportunity to remind people of Sagan’s continuing impact as well as a lighthearted way to put a public face on secularism, humanism, evolution, freethought, critical thinking, ethical science, skepticism, and yes, non-theism.

Again, email Pat ASAP at if you’re interested in celebrating Sagan at this summer’s Ithaca Festival.