Thank You, After 100.

David and I originally planned to collaborate on an article or two, perhaps a short audio documentary, to celebrate the life and impact of Carl Sagan. We hoped that we could shop our work around and at best get it published. Needless to say, like so many things, the project fell to the wayside.

As today’s anniversary approached we began posting Sagan content to our personal blogs. That put us in the mood, and before we knew we launched Celebrating Sagan.

After 8 days and 100 posts we are in awe of the support and attention the community has given this project.

It is incredible to live in a time where it is possible to create a living memorial to honor someone. Fortunate for us Dr. Sagan was not just anyone. And because the good Doctor meant so much to so many people Celebrating Sagan took off, and here we are, creating a memorial as a community.

Thank you all for your work.