Thoughts on Sagan

A few years ago I was given Carl’s “A Demon Haunted World” for Christmas and it’s now one of my favorite books. As I was reading it I realized that there is still an enormous amount of superstition in the world and some of it may seem benign but it certainly doesn’t advance our understanding of the universe.

The last few years have driven home how religious extremism is dangerous and backwards. There’s no creativity or imagination in it. It’s a symptom of the fear and distrust that millions of people live with every day. It takes courage to speak out against religion and it’s excesses but Carl showed me that it has to be done. Religion is a sacred cow that needs to be challenged by all rational people.

Science isn’t perfect but it still offers the best way of explaining the world and our place in it. If there is an afterlife it’s in our hearts and minds, and that’s where Carl resides.

Timothy Hatt, Vancouver, B.C.